Handmade Gifts That Say 'I Love You'

Forego chocolate and roses this Valentine’s Day and instead choose homemade gifts, such as these ideas submitted by our Facebook friends.

| February/March 2014

Routine Valentine’s Day gifts can be so uninspired. Because we know MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers are far more creative than the average Joe, we asked our Facebook friends to share their best ideas for low-cost or handmade gifts that convey the message of the day: “I love you.”

Visit Blurb or another book-making website to write the story of how you and your partner met. If you think your story is too uneventful, you can make up a tale with you and your honey as the stars. — Rebecca A. Behar-Johnson

Last year for my boyfriend’s and my anniversary, I bought a padlock. We decorated it with colorful permanent markers, sprayed a fixative on it, and locked it onto a bridge in Pittsburgh. We tossed the key off the side of the bridge to symbolize our unbreakable love. Search for “love lock bridge” online to see great photos of this being done around the world. — French Creek Gardens

My fella has turned my driftwood sticks into hiking sticks, and he collects rocks for me from all the places he goes with and without me. They mean more to me than anything store-bought because I know he was thinking of me while picking out each piece of nature. — Denice Ferree

Instead of a dozen roses, give the love of your life a dozen apple trees. Your love will bear fruit forever! — Jillian Berg

One year, I cooked a lobster dinner and set the table for two. While cooking, I noticed there was a mess in the fridge, so I cleaned it up. What was the one thing that stood out to my mate? The clean fridge. My advice is to pay attention to the small things. — Todd Richards

2/10/2015 11:00:00 AM

Valentine hand warmers for little pockets! I made these for my Kindergarten Students for their Valentines gift. Wool felt hearts filled with organic wheat kernals...to heat up and put in pockets to keep them warm on walks!

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