Growing Your Business at Home and Locally

There are many tactics for growing your business, from advertising locally to establishing productive relationships with your client base.

| April 4, 2014

Announcing a new business

Many different things can factor into the process of growing your business, such as the effects of advertising locally.

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Start Your Own Home Business After 50 (Quill Driver Books, 2013) is the perfect book to help you take care of your retirement income. Robert W. Bly offers advice and proven plans for starting a home business and achieving the income you’ve always wanted. Excerpted from “Launching Your New Business,” this selection takes you through the initial stages of growing your business, when advertising locally can create a big impact on your bottom line.

Announcing Your New Business to Your Community

It’s time to get your new business noticed!

If you want to get the attention of your community, you should submit a press release to the local media. A press release is generally a written announcement to the media regarding the launch of a business, a new product or development, an event, or a significant change in supervisory personnel. Basically, anything newsworthy and of interest to the public would qualify.

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