Gardening Composting Using ADS Flex Pipe

This method of gardening composting using ADS flex pipe makes composting easy, inexpensive and foolproof.

| December 1999/January 2000

Learn how to set-up easy gardening composting using ADS flex pipe. 

Composting can be rewarding and enjoyable as well as very forgiving. One small innovation I stumbled on does make a big difference with minimal effort and cost setting up gardening composting using ADS flex pipe. I lay a 3 inch by 10 foot length of ADS flex pipe, perforated for drainage, down on the bottom of the compost pile, then toss everything on top. The pile heats up and draws air from the pipe, speeding the process of composting. It all works without special layering or extra turning.

A 10 foot length of 3 inch perforated ADS flex pipe costs $3 to $4. It can be laid in a horizontal "U," or else run up through the pile, again in a U formation. The pipe will also disperse water through the pile.

The ADS flex pipe will take almost any abuse, including jabs from the compost fork, and should last a lifetime.

—Dan D. Lion
Prather, California

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