Garden Bench Plan: Build This Handy, Lightweight Bench

Every garden needs a bench, and this portable, durable seat will take you just half a day to construct and will last for many gardening seasons.

| August 9, 2010

vegetable gardener’s book of building projects

“The Vegetable Gardener’s Book of Building Projects” contains more than 35 projects that will enhance the efficiency and quality of vegetable growing, as well as the pleasure of spending time in and around your garden.


The following is an excerpt from The Vegetable Gardener’s Book of Building Projects (Storey Publishing, 2010). For a fraction of the cost of buying retail, this book will show you how to build handsome, handcrafted items that will encourage your vegetables to thrive, extend your growing season, or simply offer a place to relax among your plants. Each project is functional, attractive and easy to complete. This excerpt is from Chapter 2, “Building Projects for Harvesting and Preserving.” 

With a handhold cut right into the edge of the seat, this lightweight bench is easy to tote around to different sections of the garden. When constructing it, drawing the curved cutting lines is handily done by tracing around a CD. Just be sure to double-check your measurements — they need to be precise for the pieces to screw together properly.


1” x 12” mahogany (8’ length) 

Eighteen 21/4” stainless steel trim-head screws
Four 1 5/8” stainless steel trim-head screws

Tape measure
Carpenter’s square
Wood saw
Power drill
1/8” twist drill bit
3/8” spade drill bit
Driver bit to match screws


Cutting the lumber. From the 1-inch-by-12-inch, cut one 29-inch length for the aprons (A) and rip it in half lengthwise, resulting in two 29-by-6-inch apron pieces. Also from the 1-inch-by-12-inch board, cut one 30-inch length for the seat (B), and two 17 1/4-inch lengths for the legs (C). Use an old CD as a template to cut the openings for the handholds in the seat and aprons and the shaping at the bottom of the legs, as shown in the cutting diagram.

2/25/2014 4:05:39 AM

I tried a lot but my jigsaw ruined it all. Now i am planning to purchase from Cool idea by the way.

8/17/2010 9:44:35 AM

The total length of 1x12 board needed is 93.5" ..... you added another 29" (the 29" for the apron board that gets cut (ripped) in half.... (2)6"x29" boards equals (1) 12"x29" board)

8/17/2010 1:39:44 AM

Check your math. I got 93.5 inches.

8/11/2010 12:23:46 PM

The use of an 8’ board may not be correct. If you add up everything you need to cut, it seems to add up to around 122.5”. An 8’ board is only around 96” or am I missing something?

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