Using a Concrete Mixing Tub as a Growing Container

A plastic tub, such as the kind used for mixing concrete, is the perfect size for growing a small, backyard salad garden.

| December 2015/January 2016

I bought a few plastic tubs that cost about $7 each and are approximately 20 by 28 inches and 6 inches deep. They’re traditionally used for mixing concrete. I grow lettuce in the tubs during winter on my south-facing deck. I’ve had great success, and I love harvesting leaves from just outside my front door.

Sue Barthelow
via Facebook

Thanks, Sue! We agree — these inexpensive tubs are a solid setup for salad gardens. They also come in a smaller size — 14 by 4.7 inches and about 4 inches deep — that sells for less than $5 at most hardware stores. — MOTHER

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