Country Lore: Nifty Folding Camp Chair/Game Board

You can build this handy folding camp chair/game board from one piece of oak lumber.

| December 2009/January 2010

The design for this handy folding camp chair/game board is based on the use of a single oak plank. If a softer wood such as pine is used, a wood strip will need to be added to the backrest to strengthen it.

The slot through the backrest must be an accurate fit. Cut holes slightly less than the board thickness near either end of the slot. Jigsaw the inside of the slot, then enlarge it with a wood file to fit. The length and width of both boards is 29 inches by 11 inches. The narrower portion of the seat is 7 3/4 inches wide and protrudes behind the seat 11 1/2 inches. The distance to the bottom of the slot in the backboard is 8 inches from the lower edge. The lower edge of the backrest and the seat are both cut at an angle of about 65 degrees so the chair sits better on flat surfaces. If it’s for use on uneven ground, you can make square cuts.

On the back of the seat is a game board. A checkerboard is marked with eighth-inch holes centered on each square so pegs can be used as checkers. Dark squares are marked with walnut-colored stain. Beside the checkerboard is a cribbage board.

Winston Foster
Regina, Saskatchewan

8/28/2010 10:18:00 AM

Savannagal, go to the image gallery and click the next button. Should answer your questions.

8/25/2010 3:42:40 PM

A schematic would have been much more helpful than the description. The directions don't make sense to me.

Wayne Hatfield_2
1/27/2010 12:43:33 PM

This is a nice design, We have built these out of thicker lumber for better strenght. Another name for them is a Tombstone Chair,so if you fall out of it and break your neck you take the back of it and write your death date on it and poof you have a tombstone. :)

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