What is your Favorite DIY Tool?

| 3/20/2009 2:45:45 PM

Tags: DIY, do-it-yourself, fix it, tools,

I needed to hang a picture last weekend and went to the kitchen junk drawer to get my most favorite hammer – an upholstery hammer. Thirty five years ago I took a reupholstering class and this hammer was a required tool.

I use this hammer on simple household repair projects – it’s lightweight and has a magnet on one of the hammer ends – making it convenient for delicate household projects. I would be lost without it in my fix-it tool kit.

What is your all-time favorite fix-it tool? Tell us in the comments section below.

1/4/2010 5:44:29 PM

My two favorites are my 9" snips. I cut everything with it,even nails. It works great in rehabbing. My second fav is my 2 lb heavy hammer. Its great for pounding stakes and metal posts while gardening.

12/19/2009 8:05:01 AM

I'm with Micheal, it's my Swiss pocket knife, I've carried it for years, it opens packages, trims boards, marks cut lines, tightens screws, and removes slivers and I suppose if I kept it really sharp I could shave with it.

12/16/2009 10:08:14 AM

My favorite tools have to be the ones from my grandfather, father, and brother, all of whom are doing projects in a better place. But, the most useful new tool has to be the 4WD-ATV. It gets so much use for hauling firewood, rock, dirt, going the quarter mile to the mailbox when I'm too lazy or it's too cold or wet, visiting neighbors down the road. I'm not an off road jock, but I can see how people would enjoy it.

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