Earth Building in Thailand

Reader Contribution by Staff

Interview with Peggy Reents and Thana Uthaipattrakoon (nickname Joe).

Peggy Reents is from Colorado, USA and has been living in Thailand since 2001. She initially worked with NGOs on earthen building, alternative agriculture, and grassroots development projects before co-founding Pun Pun with Jo Jandai in 2003.

Joe Uthaipattrakoon worked as an architect in Bangkok before joining the natural building project in Wongsanit Ashram, where he became a project manager.He is the author of Building a House With Clay, published by Suan Nguen Mee Ma (Garden of Fruition in English), a best seller for the publisher for five years with 10,500 books published.(Note: This number is from several years and ago and no doubt much higher.)

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