Improve Dress-Up Time With a Costume Box

Collect a few hats and heap of old clothing and watch your youngsters' imaginations run wild with a costume box. Also learn ideas for dress up games for girls and boys!

| January/February 1982

There's a magical box in our house which — on dreary winter afternoons — brings make-believe characters to life. We call it "the costume box" and, on first glance, our carton of mismatched clothing might be mistaken for a collection of well-worn hand-me-downs about to be retired to the rag pile. But, we've discovered that, by using a bit of creative thought, we can turn the remnants into a wondrous array of colorful costumes.

Most folks, of course, remember getting decked out in Mom's and Dad's old clothing to play "dress-up." Well, our costume box is simply an extension of that children's pastime. The only stipulation for opening its lid and rummaging through its contents is that the wearers-to-be (adults included!) be willing to escape into a child's world of fantasy.


Inspire Creativity


Our five-year-old son has been delving into the costume box since before he was two years of age. As a matter of fact, it was as a result of his desire to "dress up" that he learned the mechanics of putting on and taking off clothing and mastered the how-to of snaps, zippers, buttons and buckles. (He still has some trouble tying his shoes . . . but so far all of his "creations" have worn boots!)

With the help of the costume box, our youngster has transformed himself into a multitude of characters ranging from a cowboy and a fireman to more unusual figures such as a gnome, an orchestra conductor, a boxer and even the Nutcracker from the Tchaikovsky ballet.

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