Do-it-yourself Oil Extractor

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Lawn mowers, tillers and other power equipment all need oil changes
as a part of their routine maintenance. This task usually involves
removing drain plugs, which can lead to messy spills, and many of
us tend to skip the task just to avoid the hassle. But, failure to
change the oil will reduce the life of your engine.

Now there’s a product that makes it easy to change your oil. North
Carolina-based Pela Products has released an oil extractor designed
specifically for small jobs.

It’s affordable ($29.99), and we found it quick and easy to use: drop the long tube down the engine’s dipstick pipe, pump five to 10
times in a row to create a vacuum and watch the oil drain into the
container. The PELA 2000 oil change pump has a capacity of 2.5
liters (1 liter equals about 1 quart). In addition to garden and
yard equipment, it is especially handy for draining boat engines.
Be sure to properly dispose of used oil, which should never be
poured directly onto soil or down sewer drains. (Visit
Earth 911 to find a local
oil-recycling center.)

The oil extractor comes in two other sizes: a 6-liter version
($43.99) and a 6.5-liter size ($69.99). For more information, call
(888) 272-7964 or go to Pela

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