DIY Hot Dog Sticks, DIY Wind Chimes and More

These MOTHER EARTH NEWS easy DIY projects are syndicated features that have appeared in more than 100 newspapers. They provide ideas for DIY hot dog sticks, DIY wind chimes, and how to garden without having to rent garden space.

| May/June 1978

DIY projects can be fun and easy! Click on the Image Gallery link above for basic illustrations of the projects described in this article.

DIY Hot Dog Sticks

It's hot dog roasting time . . . time, to put it another way, to recycle some of those coat hangers that are cluttering up the closet. One heavy hanger, you know, plus a few old spools — and five minutes' work with a pair of wire-cutting pliers — equals a rather superior hot dog roasting stick and an easy DIY project.

DIY Wind Chime

In her book, Living On The Earth, Alicia Bay Laurel suggests that making a DIY wind chime or two is a particularly nice way to recycle odds and ends. Any old hoop from a worn-out basket or lamp shade makes the frame, and discarded monofilament fishing line is ideal for tying the whole thing together.

The actual chimes can be cutoff lengths of pipe, seashells, bones . . . even rusty nails. Use what you have at hand.

For the star on the bottom, work your way around the top of a tin can with a punch-type opener. Next, remove the top with a regular can opener, and then fold out the points. Either file the edges smooth or make sure the DIY wind chime is hung out of reach so that no one will cut a finger on the edges of the decoration. We want this easy DIY project to be safe!

Gardening on Others’ Land

Thanks to spiraling food costs and the uncertainties of the times, more people than ever will be planting a garden this year. Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at raising a vegetable patch too, but you have no place to give the idea a whirl. No backyard. No vacant lot. No plot of land to call your own.

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