Make a DIY Necklace

Learn how to secure your DIY jewelry designs with these three easy knot-tying techniques. 

November, 14 2012

By Stephen O'Keeffe 

Practical Jewelry-Making Techniques: Problem Solving (Firefly Books Ltd, 2012) by Stephen O’Keeffe offers DIY instruction on how beginning jewelry-makers can use simplified methods to create ornate pieces without compromising quality or presentation. Learn how to tie the right knot in order to secure your jewelry creations in this excerpt taken from the chapters entitled, “The Slipknot Necklace” and "Other Knots." 

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: Practical Jewelry Making Techniques: Problem Solving.

The Slipknot Necklace Slipknot Necklace

Make your selection of beads and thread them onto a length of cord, in this case 1 mm leather. Tie a loose overhand knot on one end of the cord, and pass the other end of the cord through it. Tighten the knot just enough to allow the cord to slip through it to form a noose. Draw the noose to the size which will pass easily over the wearer’s head. Tie the loose end of the cord to the far side of the first knot, using the same overhand knot.