Triangle Eco Bag Sewing Project

By Sanae Ishida

April 2018

sewing happiness

In Sewing Happiness (Sasquatch Books, 2016), author Sanae Ishida shows readers the power of a little creativity in their lives. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness and losing her corporate job, Ishida discovered that sewing can be a life-saving meditative activity, and is now using her latest sewing pattern book to show readers that anyone can pick up a needle and find happiness is sewing. The following excerpt is her pattern for a triangle eco bag.

I wish I could take credit for this ingeniously designed triangular bag, but it’s been around for generations in Japan. The body of the bag is made by folding one piece of rectangular fabric origami-style, and not only is it quite stylish in its simplicity, it’s a project that can be sewn up in under an hour. You might be tempted to make multiples in one go!

I’ve received variations of this design from Japanese friends, but they’re typically smaller, to hold bento-style meals. “Bento,” if you’re not familiar, is the Japanese term for a portable meal of rice, pickled vegetables, and fish or meat. I upped the size to make it a convenient eco tote for farmers’ market days, but these would be fantastic lunch box holders too.