Make a Simple Yarn Beanie Using a Sewing Machine

Try this simple yarn project using a sewing machine to make a custom and unique yarn beanie.

| May 6, 2013

Lexi Boeger’s newest book Hand Spun (Quarry Books, 2012) offers a unique collection of innovative spinning techniques and inventive yarn projects. Get inspired to make art-yarn with Boeger’s step-by-step instructions on several DIY projects including tips on how to make yarn hats. In this excerpt from “Projects: Keeping it Simple,” learn how to make a yarn beanie using a sewing machine.

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: Hand Spun.

Yarn Beanie

Are you frustrated by difficult knit and crochet projects? Ready to turn the needles on yourself? Don’t do it! Switch it up with a quick and easy way to make material from your yarn using a sewing machine. Yarn material is made by lining up yarn strands in orderly rows, and then sewing across them with a straight stitch. This is a wonderful way to see all the yarn, as none of it gets hidden in knit or crochet stitches. A quick and easy way to get started is to find a beanie that you already love, and use it as a guideline for your pattern. Be aware, however, sewn yarn does not stretch, so make it exactly (or ever so slightly smaller than) the circumference of your head.


Approximately 3 oz (85 g) yarn of your choice
Sewing threads to match

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