Knitting Mittens with the Fair Isle Technique

Instructions for knitting mittens with a colorful snowflake themed pattern to keep you warm in the winter.

By Mary Scott Huff
December 2017

Mitten Handbook cover

The Mitten Handbook (Abrams Books, 2017) acts as an instructional manual for knitting custom mittens. Author Mary Scott Huff encourages knitters to create their own unique mittens by combining different versions of individual components including thumbs, cuffs, tops, and edgings. Additionally there are 20 complete patterns for traditional mitten instructions.

Snow Day Pattern

Fair Isle knitting has such irresistible charm. Snowflakes in shades of blue and gray decorate these cuffs, reminding us of times when school got canceled and we played in the snow. Declare your own snow day, and give the drifts the attention they deserve.

 Abbreviations Guide
CC Contrasing Color
CO Cast On
K1 - F/B Knit into the front loop and back loop of the same stitch to increase 1 stitch
K2TOG Knit 2 stitches together  
K Knit
M1 or M1L (Make 1-Left Slanting) With the tip of the left-hand needle inserted from front to back, lift the strand between the 2 needles onto the left-hand needle; knit the strand through the back loop to increase 1 stitch 
MC Main Color 
PM Place Marker
RND(S) Round(s)
SM Slip Marker
ST(S) Stitch(es)
ST ST Stockinette Stitch
WS Wrong Side


• Woman’s Large / Man’s Small