How to Make a Quilt in Six Steps

Follow these six simple steps to learn how to make a quilt.

| September 2014

Log Cabin quilt

This improv log cabin pattern would be a good project for a beginner to learn how to sew a quilt.

Photo by John Polak

Quilting with a Modern Slant (Storey Publishing, 2014) offers a glimpse into dozens of unique visions, with profiles of quilters and artists who have developed their own aesthetic and quilting tips and patterns from author Rachel May. Modern quilting offers the freedom to play with fabrics, patterns, colors, stitching and the way in which they all connect. With photographs of finished quilts, quilting tips and tutorials on natural dyeing, machine quilting, appliqué, finishing, improvisational piecing and even starting a blog, this book is chock-full of ideas to inspire quilters of every level. This excerpt from the introduction offers tips on how to sew a quilt.

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: Quilting with a Modern Slant.

Six Steps to Make a Quilt

1. Piece the top. This can be done in any style, from improv to traditional pattern. A simple way to start making a quilt might be strip piecing: simply sew together long strips of fabric in rows until your quilt is long enough. Or try an easy improv log cabin (see gallery).

2. Make the backing. If you’re making a small quilt, you may be able to use a single piece of fabric, rather than sewing together two long strips. (You can piece more, of course: make the backing as fancy or as plain as you want.)

3. Cut the batting to size. The batting (a.k.a. wadding, filler, insulating material) should be a few inches wider on every side than your top. Lay out the batting underneath the top to make this easy.

4. Make a quilt sandwich in this order: backing on the bottom, batting in the middle, quilt top on the top (naturally).

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