How to Knit Mittens

Learn how to knit mittens with this pattern inspired by a historical Swedish design.

| September 2014

Knit mittens

Figure A: Using tapestry needle, pull six 12-18" lengths of mitten yarn through cast-on edge of cuff below where pinkie will be.

Photo courtesy Creative Publishing International

In Yarn Works (Creative Publishing International, 2014) W. J. Johnson shares her fiber arts expertise with a scientific approach to spinning and dyeing the perfect yarn for your project and a variety of delightful patterns created for each of the fiber groups she describes. The book is divided into four main sections—Fiber Workshop, Spin Workshop, Dye Workshop and Knit Workshop—and includes a brief history on each subject. Johnson herself is a photographer, media and installation artist, educator in fiber arts and fiber artist with more than thirty years of experience spinning, dyeing and knitting yarn. This wool mitten pattern comes from "Part 4: Knit Workshop."

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: Yarn Works.

How to Knit Mittens

Project Note

The Lovikka mitten is considered a trademarked knitting design. This mitten pattern has been influenced by Lovikka design, but is not a copy. To pay homage to the knitting design yet still honor the trademark, I have designed these wool mittens in a contemporary style with a button-embellished cuff and nonnatural color. Trademarked and true Lovikka mittens are knit with natural, undyed wool; feature a braided tassel; and are embroidered with geometric patterns typically in the colors of blue, yellow, and red. They are sold with a certification tag to authenticate their origin and are timelessly beautiful.

Pattern Notes

• To figure out proper size, measure hand around the knuckles and include the tip of the thumb. The extra thumb measurement gives the ease needed to cover the modest shrinkage that occurs during the light fulling process. Traditional Lovikka mittens fit quite loosely, but I designed this pattern to fit a bit more snugly and therefore be more functional for driving or other active use. If you prefer a larger mitten, pick a size larger than your hand measurement.

• The slight fulling does not substantially change the knitted measurements.

• The pattern is written to be worked on three double-pointed needles, but can also be worked using two circular needles.

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