DIY Contrast-Sleeve Tee

DIY Makeovers Cover

In DIY Wardrobe Makeovers (C&T Publishing Inc, 2015) Suzannah Hamlin Stanley takes you through step-by-step instructions to design beautiful, stylish, and exciting clothing.  Learn how to redesign and remake old pieces to new favorites such as this contrast-sleeve tee shown below.


I like the trend of contrasting sleeves, but I’d much rather remake tees I already have than buy new ones. This project is an easy way to transform a basic, boring, short-sleeved crewneck tee into something way more fun. Try this with two loose tees, two light-weight tees, or two stretch tees for different looks and silhouettes. What a clever way to salvage a tee with a great texture or color when part of it gets stained or damaged!



shirt 2