Clog Remover, Bee Sting Remedy, and Other Country Lore

Readers-submitted country lore tips in this installment of a regular feature include a method of using a garden hose as a drain clog remover and an onion slice as a bee sting remedy.

| December/January 1994

The following housekeeping tips and other bits of country lore were submitted by readers.  

Water Power Clog Remover

The easiest, fastest, and environmentally friendliest way to unclog a sink or bathtub is with your garden hose. Simply bring your hose into the room with the clogged drain. I bring mine in the front door, across my living room, down the hall, and into the bathroom. I wipe it off so I don't drag dirt or mud through the house, and my wife doesn't say a word. Just place the nozzle in the drain and wrap a rag around it to make a good seal. If there is a vent, as in bathtubs or bathroom sinks, stuff a rag tightly in there too. When you are ready, simply squeeze the handle and you have all the pressure you will need to open any clogged drain in seconds.  

A word of caution: Squeeze the handle slowly at first and gradually bring it up to full force. I let mine run about 5-10 seconds after the clog is cleared to help flush out any other material (hair-soap scum) that may cause a clog later on. While I have the hose in the house I hit all the drains just to make sure they are flowing free.

—James J. Scott
Hermitage, PA

Bee Sting Remedy

I have every issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS since the first copy. I must admit I haven't had time to read every word of every issue and sometimes I am an issue or three behind. Still it is a valued magazine for my household.

In issue "Home Health Remedies for Summer Ailments," there were several "remedies" for bee stings. Every person has in his or her perfect bee sting antidote. An onion is my answer; a technique acquired from the mountaineers in West Virginia where I grew up.

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