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| January/February 1979

Career in County Fair Photography

I recently read "Livestock Show Photography.” As a matter of coincidence, there happened to be a county fair in my area the very same week. So I made arrangements with the show superintendents, invested $4.32 in two rolls of 20-exposure Vericolor II film by Kodak, and hauled my workweary carcass to the fair.

Using my Minolta 35mm, I snapped off 32 shots the first day! And at a rate of $5.50 per shot, I made a NET profit of $153.68 overnight! Not bad, considering the absence of work.

I admit I was more than slightly surprised at my results. I even had repeat sales due to [a] the quality of the prints, and [b] overnight service. (Being a "camera bug", I had previously invested in my own darkroom supplies ... which enabled me to process my film faster, with less expense, and with more clarity of color.) By the end of the week, I had taken 150 shots for a net profit of $825!

Now I plan to travel to other fairs as well. And I owe it all to Ham McQueen and MOTHER EARTH NEWS! I strongly encourage anyone with an opportunity to go to a fair to invest in a reasonably good camera and some film. You'll be surprised at the results! Your investments should not exceed $200 If you don't already have a camera ... and you can expect to return a profit in one or two days. This is a great DIY at-home career opportunity. 

And the best part is that you don't have to be a technological genius ... all you need is a friendly personality, a little patience, and a relatively steady hand. All I can say is thank God for dear old MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

David Arne Stolz V
Staunton, Va.

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