Chain Saw Fuel Problems

Fix your chain saw fuel problems, clean up your chain saw, and remove deteriorating lining from your chain saw by using a strong solvent.

| November/December 1986

The gas-tank lining is coming off my Jonsereds 601 chain saw and clogging the chain saw fuel filter. The saw has been sitting in storage for some time with gasoline in the tank, but it's in good shape otherwise. Is there a solvent that will remove the deteriorating lining completely?  

Chain Saw Fuel Problems

A strong solvent, such as acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), or toluene, should dissolve what's left of the protective epoxy lining within the alloy tank — but I'd suggest removing the fuel pickup tube and its filter before introducing such solvents into the tank. To assure a thorough clean-out job, place a few flat washers into the half filled tank, cap it, and shake the saw vigorously to rattle the washers. Empty the chain saw fuel tank, rinse it out with kerosene and replace the fuel pickup assembly after cleaning it in parts solvent to remove gasoline varnish.

The lining may have originally been dissolved by methyl alcohol in a gasohol blend so, if you use gasohol, make sure it's a 10 percent ethanol product, which is easier on the saw's nonmetal parts.

Richard Freudenberger, research coordinator 

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