Catch Fish in a Homemade Pond

Learn about catching fish in a homemade pond, includes how to build a farm pond, keeping the pond environment healthy and where to obtain fish to stock your pond.

| November/December 1977

A 30-year-old reprint from Mechanix Illustrated on catching fish in a homemade pond.

Catch Fish in a Homemade Pond

Reprinted with permission from Mechanix Illustrated, April 1945, copyright © Fawcett Publications Inc.

Once again, we're pleased to roll the clock back as much as 30 years or more in order to reprint two more articles by author Hi Sibley.

Hi, in case you've never heard of his work, was living a MOTHER-type life of do-it-yourself adobe houses, organic gardening, homestead bees, and like that, way back at the end of World War II. And not only living it . . . but writing about it in a great number of magazines. Unfortunately for us all, more folks back there in the late 40's were interested in big cars, city jobs, and new homes in the suburbs . . . than were interested in Hi's subjects.

Now that so many of us are rediscovering Mr. Sibley's way of life, though, we think it's only fair to honor the man who was 30 years ahead of his time by again publishing some of his down-to-earth gems one more once . . . this time, on the subject of homestead ponds. "You Can Catch 'Em At Home" originally appeared in the April 1945 Mechanix illustrated (Copyright 1945 by Fawcett Publications, Inc.) and "I Fish In My Back Yard" was first published in the March 1961 issue of Popular Science (Copyright 1961 by Times Mirror Magazines, Inc.). Both articles are reprinted here by permission.

You like to fish? All right, bring your tackle out to my back yard — you'll get your limit of large — or smallmouth black bass, bluegills, and bream before lunch time.

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