Building a Solar Power Shower

Build this easy solar shower for the backyard to rinse off after a long day working outdoors.

By Todd Davis

April 2018


Handy Dad in the Great Outdoors (Chronicle Books, 2012) by Todd Davis is full of fun projects for dad and the kids to get creative in the great outdoors. Davis grew up with a family who loved experiencing the outdoors, and is now passing on these fun activities to families across the world, with step-by-step instructions to make the most of your family time outside. The following excerpt is his guide to building an outdoor solar shower.

Yeah, nothing beats roughing it, except for—maybe—the stink. Days of whacking through bushes, trekking through forests, and forging up peaks are all well and good, but what to do when you come back to camp so odiferous that not even your dog wants to share your tent? When you need a little help leaving the wilderness behind, nothing beats a clean, hot, solar-powered shower, except for—maybe—getting dirty again.