Build a Simple Well House Heater

Learn how to build a simple well house heater. To keep your well house from freezing, use a light bulb in conjunction with a thermostat to signal the light to turn on.

| October/November 2008

A light bulb run by a thermostat keeps the well house from freezing.

A light bulb run by a thermostat keeps the well house from freezing.

Photo by Michael McCasey

Build a simple well-house heater using these helpful tips. The heat from a light bulb can keep your well house from freezing.

Build a Simple Well House Heater

I built this well-house heater for myself and also made some for friends. Mounted on the 2-by-6 are a ceramic light fixture, a thermostat and a GFI (ground fault interrupter) receptacle. This setup is attached to a 20-amp breaker. I use an exterior light bulb for heat, but you could also use a small electric heater in extremely cold conditions. The thermostat is set to switch the heat on when the temperature in the well house falls to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The receptacle also can be used for a trouble light or to plug in heat tape. It works well for me.

— Michael McCasey
Edmore, Michigan

robert black
1/3/2010 9:32:53 AM

would like all info on how to build this and wher and what materials you used

ernie nalty
10/12/2008 5:15:47 PM

Thanks for the Idea!!!!My Dog will be much warmer this winter !

victor c. green
10/7/2008 7:56:31 PM

Reading the latest issue of Mother Earth News, I noticed the article by Michael McCasey on making the well house heater. I am looking for what appears to be his thermostat device, that is a 120 volt, AC thermostat that would control any device(within power limits) connected to it. I have an electric heater that has a "comfort zone" setting on it, but not an actual thermostat. His device sounds like what I'm looking for. Can you please furnish the name, model, price range, and possible locations where it could be found? Thank You very much. Victor C. Green

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