How to Make Beeswax Fabric

| 3/22/2013 1:06:11 PM

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Reduce, reuse, recycle.

I do those things. Usually. When I feel like it. More often than not, I do those things, but I’m a human person living in modern times so sometimes I don’t.

beeswax bagI’m a firm believer in doing what you can when you can. Use your recycling bins, but if you’re close to a mental breakdown from cooking, working, cleaning the house, dealing with a broken toilet, a screaming child and/or a slightly insane boss … don’t beat yourself up over throwing that one recyclable container in the garbage because the ease of doing so is the only thing keeping you from jumping into the nearest volcano.

The five people who live off the grid wearing clothing they made from leaves and eating only bugs, (that have died naturally) aren’t the ones saving Mother Earth. It’s the rest of us who are doing what we can when we can that are. Their acts are commendable of course, but the majority of us have real houses with real jobs, real lunches to pack and real(ish) volcanoes to avoid.

Which brings us to my next point of interest. Plastic. I use it. I’ll admit it. I have sandwich bags and plastic wrap, and cat poop bags. All plastic. Other than the poop bags, I reuse them all a couple of times before I throw them in the recycling bin.

But we seem to go through a lot of sandwich bags and a lot of plastic wrap. And it irks me for a variety of reasons. It is definitely a waste. And it’s definitely expensive. And it’s definitely ugly. Other than when you get that absolutely perfect, glass-like seal across a bowl with your plastic wrap. That, of course, is a thing of artistic beauty like nothing else.

10/6/2013 4:08:03 PM

Thanks so much for this DIY method of replacing the need for plastic wrap. I made some really nice waxed fabrics today and am already using one for storing my cheddar cheese. I did have one problem when I was done. I had a really hard time getting the wax off my grater. I tried freezing it but eventually had to put it the oven long enough to make the wax liquid enough to wipe off. it was a tricky business with my grater being made of plastic and metal. Do you have an easy way to clean it or do you just have a grater dedicated to this type of project?

5/30/2013 3:03:46 PM

How can I do this WITHOUT an oven?

4/22/2013 12:17:35 PM

Luv this! As a beekeeper, I'm always looking for new ways to utilize my beeswax! Thanks for sharing. :D

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