5 Questions for Kirsten K. Shockey

| 5/30/2017 2:55:00 PM

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Kirsten K Shockey

What's the one thing that's a must in this world?

Narrowing it down to one, that's tricky, there are so many levels and its all a tangle of interconnectedness. Clean water and clean air.  I would have to say this lies somewhere in sustainable, clean food systems—that don't degrade the environment, that operates locally to feed every increasing population, that harvest and distrubute in ways that reduce and eliminate food waste, and in ways that nourish the body and microbiome and don't bring about obsesity. I know that is a lot. It is going to take radical shifts in thinking in not only how and what we produce but how we eat. (And fermentation is in there somewhere...)

What is the best purchase you've ever made?

This question has had me stumped and has kept me from pushing submit for hours and then I looked accross the room at our masonry stove—Tuli Kivi—6500 pounds of soapstone keep us warm with soothing radiant heat with very little fire wood.

What brings you the greatest joy?

6/30/2017 5:54:44 AM

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