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Zack Shornick, Van-Living Chef and Educator

Occupation:  Chef, Hospitality Manager, Writer, Educator, and Entrepreneur

Residence: Midwest and Eastern United States

Hobbies: Hiking, Gardening, Camping, Cooking and Baking, Fermenting and Pickling, Reading, DIY, and Vanlife

Background: Zack discovered a path to the soil through a passion for food and a desire to return to nature. Having spent much of his time in urban environments — growing up outside of New York and then living over a decade in Chicago — gardening and sustainable living were not part of everyday life. It was only after witnessing firsthand the abundant waste of common practices while forging a career in food and hospitality as a chef and restaurant manager that he turned his attention to supporting green, renewable systems in agriculture and production.

Zack and his wife recently left their city lives to explore opportunities and traditions in farming and sustainable living while traveling across the country in their upcycled DIY camper van, searching for the perfect plot of land.

In addition to his work in the kitchen and garden, Zack is the founder of Raleigh’s Grooming — an independent men’s grooming company specializing in all-natural beard and body care. He is also a performer and educator concentrating in the use of Improvisational Theatre Techniques and creative thinking to help groups of all ages perfect their skills in public speaking, collaborative team building, networking, sales, marketing, and more.

Connect with Zack at and on Instagram.

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