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Veronica Worley, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Residence: Spanish Fort, Alabama

Background: Veronica earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Home Economics and Community Services, with a focus in Nutrition, which prepared her well for teaching healthy food preparation to her community, and ultimately began her passion to grow healthy foods in her own backyard. She spends hours reading, researching and studying the latest information on nutrition and its impact of health and disease. As she learned, she taught. Veronica planned workshops, groups, Bible studies, cooking classes and taught young mothers, teenagers, neighbors, friends, and anyone who asked, the importance of eating well. These classes always encouraged using plenty of fresh garden vegetables in people’s diets.  Sadly, as her learning increased and her passion for healthy foods and their impact on the body continued to soar, she soon realized that the nutrition education she learned in college wasn’t adequate (and some was downright inaccurate).

After her youngest graduated from high school home school, Veronica realized that she could finally pursue her passion full-time. She went back to school as a health coach, and learned how to help others using foods to make lasting health changes. After a few years of successfully helping many others make positive steps toward their health goals, she realized that she wanted to go deeper with people on chronic issues. Veronica went back to school to study functional medicine. Now, as an FDN-P, she helps men and women overcome chronic illness with functional lab testing, food and lifestyle changes. She always says Test, don’t guess!, meaning don’t just assume you can eat healthy and get better or take certain supplements to overcome your health issues. Many people develop food sensitivities or mineral imbalance because of their food intake (even with healthy diets), or from exposure to environmental toxins, metals, mold, and more. A simple functional lab test, depending on the symptoms, can reveal much about the issues and help you get to the root cause.

Veronica is an avid gardener, who has gardened for nutrition over the past two decades, and has taught herself how to garden for the best nutrition, and has gone on to teach others the same. She has developed an edible landscape in her yard, where she grows vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs for medicine and nutrition. Having lived in six states during her 33 years of marriage, Veronica has discovered how to garden successfully and to put healthy food on the table year-round in each of these places. She teaches healthy gardening to clients, in cooking classes, in local talks, podcast interviews, and even on television. She in the process of writing her first book, Using Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers to Heal Your Body of Chronic Illness.

As an FDN-P, Veronica helps men and women age gracefully and beautifully by getting to the root cause of belly fat, energy loss, hormone and mineral imbalance. She strongly believes that mineral imbalance is among the root causes of most chronic symptoms and disease today. She has seen that by using functional lab testing, food and lifestyle changes, one can overcome many diseases naturally without medication. And she teaches others how to grow their own food to help balance minerals in their daily food and lifestyles.

Connect with Veronica at Veronica’s Healthy Living, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Schedule an appointment with Veronica using this link, and take her quiz to see if you have a possible mineral imbalance.

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