Tina T. Ames, Nature-based Artist and Simple Living Instructor

Name: Tina T. AmesTina T Ames Nature Based Artist

Occupation: Artist, Instructor, Homesteading Blogger

Location: Western New York

About Tina: Tina has been called a combined spirit of Pocahontas, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Martha Stewart all wrapped into one. As an artist, she creates whimsical, inspirational and colorful art. As an instructor/homesteading blogger, she simplifies her subjects on creative living to make it easy to learn and use tools for a simple, abundant life.

Current project: Tina and her husband Doug are renovating a 30’s stable to live in on an old Lake Erie estate just south of Buffalo, NY. Included with the stable are 2.4 acres of horse pastures and old tennis court that will be converted into garden, orchards and lavender fields.  Working on living a sustainable plant based life.

Connect with Tina:  

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Photo by Dragonfly Studio