Tina Elliott, Billy Joe's Food Farm 

Name: Tina Elliott  

Occupation: Wife, Mom, Homesteader 

Place of Residence: Billy Joe’s Food Farm is located on a dirt road in the Kansas prairie.Tina Elliot 

Background and Personal History: Tina and her family are city mice learning how to be country mice. She wants their story of moving out of town to a place in the country, with no experience, to inspire others who want to do the same. Although Tina is a life-long gardener and has farming in her genes, everything she knows about edible landscaping, herbal medicine, and livestock is self-taught. She's constantly reading, researching and experimenting to see what will work out here on her farm, and what won’t. The Elliotts are putting their story online so that others can learn from their mistakes. They also would like people to realize that no matter where one lives, anyone can learn to be more self-sufficient.

Current Projects: Generally, Tina is always building fences, planting food and raising animals. Specifically, she is enclosing a bay in the barn for her French Lop rabbits, putting up a pallet fence and overhead netting for her broody house, building an outdoor feed storage area with a roof and replacing fencing for her ram. Tina also has a never-ending list of “need-to” projects.

Other Fun Facts:  Tina is a Luddite.  She tries to find ways to do what she does on the farm without power, and without machines. Tina and her 12-year-old daughter are beginner fiber enthusiasts, learning how to spin and knit the wool from their sheep. At the farm, they keep cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, guineas, sheep, goats and rabbits. Tina has rescued animals her whole life — dogs, cats, birds, rabbits; animals are her passion. She even volunteered at the zoo so she could hang out with the elephants. If she could change one thing, Tina would’ve been a farm vet.

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