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The Wood-Mizer Team’s Sawyers and Woodworkers

Name: TheWood-Mizer Team

Occupation: Sawyers and Woodworkers

Place of Residence: Indianapolis, Indiana

Background and Personal History: Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has brought portable, personal sawmills to people all over the world who want the freedom of sawing their own lumber. From homes and barns to fences and tables, Wood-Mizer sawyers continue to build dream projects with lumber they have milled themselves.

Wood-Mizer’s thin-kerf bandsaw blade technology effectively reduces sawdust and waste resulting in sawyers gaining up to 30 percent more lumber from a log than a conventional wide-kerf sawmill blade. With the ability to saw logs on-site, fallen or downed trees can be salvaged for lumber locally which reduces emissions from transportation. Lumber isn’t the only product from a log that Wood-Mizer sawyers utilize — byproducts, such as off-cuts for heating homes and sawdust for animal bedding, prove valuable as well.

The Wood-Mizer Team includes a diverse group of individuals including woodworkers, farmers, homesteaders, arborists, entrepreneurs, and more who are excited to share their knowledge and experiences of working with wood from forest to final form.

Current Projects: Wood-Mizer portable sawmill owners have built  their own homes, cabins, barns, sheds, bridges, pavilions, tables, chairs, and more by sawing their own lumber.

Other Fun Facts: As the world’s leading portable sawmill manufacturer, there are 60,000 Wood-Mizer portable sawmills operating in 120 countries.

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The Wood-Mizer Team

Billy Reeder

Chase Warner

Clayton Petree

Jack Petree

Jennifer Alger

Joseph Lovenduski

Megan Offner

Simon Petree

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