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Ted Flanigan, Energy Transition Expert and President of EcoMotion

Occupation: President of EcoMotion, a California-based company with the mission of the cost-effective greening of cities, corporations, and campuses.

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Background: Born and raised in New York City, Ted is dedicated to fostering sustainable energy development. For the past 35 years, Ted has advocated smart and responsible energy management, working within two major electric utilities on both the East and West coasts — New York Power Authority and Los Angeles Department of Water & Power — providing strategic consulting services for schools, universities, cities, utilities, and others across the country and in many foreign countries. He lives in a solar-powered home and drives a solar-powered electric car.

Ted served as the Energy Program Director for Rocky Mountain Institute; then he was funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to research most successful efficiency and green power strategies throughout America and then in Europe and Asia. As Director of IRT Environment, Ted Flanigan was in the original consulting team for ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability’s Urban CO2 Reduction Project, linking and developing GHG emissions-mitigation strategies, policies, and programs for major North American and European cities from Portland to Helsinki. He was Managing Director of The Energy Coalition in Southern California, designing and implementing successful and innovative efficiency and demand-response partnerships for Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Gas, and San Diego Gas and Electric.

For the past 13 years Ted Flanigan has led the EcoMotion team. He’s managed dozens of projects for schools and universities including Garden Grove Unified School District, Bryant University, Fisher College, St. Josephs College of Maine, Shenandoah University, Central New Mexico Community College, Poway Unified School District, Savannah School District, Cypress School District, the University of Southern California, and most recently Loyola Marymount University. He’s managed projects for local governments including Santa Monica, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Mammoth Lakes, Sonoma County, Association of Bay Area Governments, Anaheim Public Utilities, Burbank Water and Power, Corona Water and Power, and Moreno Valley Utilities. And he’s managed projects for corporate clients such as LA Metro, Sempra, Capital Group, Cathay Bank, Kimco Realty, and EcoMedia.

Connect with Ted at EcoMotion, on Facebook and Twitter.

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