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Tammy Kimbler, Food Preservationist and Creative Agriculturalist

  Tammy Kimbler

Occupation: Marketing Communications Professional and Food Preservation Teacher.

Place of Residence:  Minneapolis, Minn.

Background and Personal History:  Tammy grew up on a farm and ranch in far northern California, nort

h of majestic Mt. Shasta in the Cascade mountain range. She learned canning and pickling from her mother and great-grandmother at an early age, and learned how to care for livestock and plants from her father.

Educated at University of California Santa Cruz, and the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, Tammy’s professional experience is in brand experience, marketing communications, advertising and design.

After a long stint in Los Angeles, she relocated to Minneapolis, MN, in 2001, just as the area’s food movement blossomed. Since then, the upper Midwest has seen a boom in urban agriculture, cottage food industry, CSAs, community gardens, farmers markets, microbreweries/distilleries, regenerative agriculture and a strengthening local food system.

Influenced by her farmer/agriculture teacher father and artist/preserver/art teacher mother, Tammy’s feet are firmly rooted in both worlds, with her head in creative marketing, her heart in food, and her hands in the dirt. A cultivator at heart, her passions lie with food preservation, gardening and connecting to her local community food system. Tammy grows, forages, cans, dries, pickles, ferments, brews, ages, cooks and eats from her garden, backyard, roadsides, hillsides and local farms. She eats well and loves to feed others as often as possible.

Tammy’s mission is to share what she knows about food from the perspective of a homemade and do-it-yourself lifestyle, challenging people to consider the impact they can make on the food system, personal and global heath, and the environment, just by learning to cook and grow food. She’s here to demystify food processes and show how easy, accessible, healthful and delicious gaining control of your personal food system can be.

Connect with Tammy on Instagram @Onetomato_Two and on LinkedIn.