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Simone Garneau, Co-Founder of Sunmetrix Online Solar Platform

Name: Simone Garneau

Occupation: Co-founder, Sunmetrix

Place of Residence: Montreal, Canada

Background and Personal History: Simone is the co-founder of Sunmetrix, an online consumer education and customer acquisition platform for residential solar energy that is an awardee of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Sunshot Initiative. The goal of Sunmetrix is to help homeowners go solar.

In addition to the 200+ articles about solar energy, Sunmetrix offers homeowners two main tools: Discover and GO.

With Sunmetrix GO, homeowners can test drive solar energy and see what solar can do for them in near real-time and in real dollar terms, before investing in panels. 

With Sunmetrix Discover, homeowners can explore solar energy, use the solar panel calculator, as well as the buy or lease calculator, find installers and get quotes.

Other Fun Facts: Simone has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in geological engineering and a Masters degree in Space Studies. 

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