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Sarah Hancock Solar Energy Marketer And Sustainability Enthusiast

Name: Sarah Hancock

Occupation: Content Marketing Manager, writer, and solar energy enthusiast

Place of Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah

Background: Sarah Hancock has been interested in sustainability from a young age, but her passion for renewable energy education came a bit later in life. On her first job out of college, she was tasked to perform market research relating to solar energy systems.

During this time, she interviewed hundreds of consumers; some had already installed solar panels, some were considering installing them, and others had no interest. The findings were troubling to her — there seemed to be an overall lack of understanding of elements influencing the solar industry, regardless of subgroup. Even consumers who had already installed solar panels did not understand relatively basic but important factors that would very likely affect them, such as incentives, warranties, and net metering.

Since discovering this, Sarah has made it her mission to educate consumers about the workings of the solar industry and to help people make decisions that benefit both their own interests and the environment.

Current Projects: Sarah currently manages the solar blog at

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