Sarah Cuthill, Potter, Painter and Homestead Maker

Name: Sarah CuthillSarah Cuthill Potter Painter and Homestead Maker

Occupation: Full-time Homesteader

Place of Residence: Sonora, Calif.

Background and Personal History: Sarah Cuthill lives with her husband and young daughter in an old Californian gold-rush town and is learning to be more self-reliant through gardening, animal husbandry, and making things from scratch. Sarah grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area knowing nothing of farms or farmers until moving to a small house on a rented quarter-acre lot in the Sierra Nevada foothills in her late twenties. By trade, Sarah is a potter, a painter, and a candlestick maker… well, scratch that last one. She also loves to take photos of her daily life on her family’s teeny tiny farm and all the animals that inhabit it.

Sarah’s life goal is to work toward a life where she knows where her family’s food comes from, how it was raised, how it was harvested, and to just get back to basics. Coming from absolutely no agricultural background whatsoever, she is taking big steps to learn everything from the beginning — sometimes it’s the right way, and sometimes it’s the wrong way. Sarah loves to share her successes (and failures) with others who are just starting out on their own homesteading and farming journey as well.

Current Projects: Blogging about the daily life of raising backyard chickens, raising and breeding French angora rabbits for meat and wool, raising quail for meat and eggs, gardening, how to make things from scratch, and how to do various do-it-yourself projects around the farm.

Other Fun Facts:  Sarah teaches ceramics classes in her “spare time” and co-directs a summer arts camp for children.

More Places to Find Sarah on the Web: Sarah’s family blog can be found at: