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Ruth Tandaan Sto Domingo, Whole-System Sustainable Development Expert

Occupation: Author, Wife, Mother, Community Organizer, Volunteer, Specialist in Complex Systemic Sustainable Development, most notably in Isolated and Rural Environs, Business Consultant and more

Location: Pili, Camarines Sur, Republic of the Philippines

Background: Ruth has worked with numerous government agencies over the years, in addition to NGOs in Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria, Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, Australia, the Philippines and Vanuatu in addition to the national Indigenous and Aboriginal Tribal Governments in Vanuatu, the Philippines and Australia in order to establish all of the requisite documentation to prepare for sustainable developments. She also has co-authored a book with her husband for Whole System Sustainable Developments.

Ruth’s work is primarily focused on establishing an international for-profit corporate venture. The original function will be the repayment in full of all investors, after which proceeds from the venture will be utilized to establish a not-for-profit foundation which will assume ownership of the corporation and utilize it for the commencement of funding for the establishment of a major Whole System Sustainable Community Development in the Philippines. Ideally, this community development will be built on either (or both) Ambil or Verde Island with a direct focus on introducing a viable and tangible benefit for the Indigenous Tribal people and the conservation of the Coral Triangle that are located within the sphere of influence of the Philippine Government in full accordance with Executive Order 578 for the protection what is the most diverse aquatic ecosystem in the world.

Other facts: Ruth is working with her husband to build a largely off-grid and self-sufficient home where she will raise livestock and garden both flowers and food. She enjoys doing cross stitch, including creating her very own (rather insane) “hyper-realistic” cross stitch patterns and artwork, often including up to 200 different colors of thread in any individual piece of work. She hopes soon to be building an Isolated Community Service Center for the provision of modern conveniences, education and opportunities for the local Indigenous and other citizens in need of assistance within the Philippines. Ruth has numerous smaller projects ongoing as part of her effort to improve the median quality of life both locally and globally.

Follow Ruth on Facebook and for Business Correspondence, contact Ruth at mwctipton [at] GMail.