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Rebecca Harrold, Natural Resources Manager Turned Homesteader in Ontario

Name: Rebecca Harrold

Occupation: Natural Resource Manager turned Homesteader, Homemaker and Homeschool Teacher

Place of Residence: Ontario, Canada

Background: Rebecca’s childhood love for wildlife and wild places lead her to obtain a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Master of Resource Management. Rebecca felt her general purpose in life to be one where she was promoting wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship.

Upon graduation, Rebecca worked on a multi-year project examining the state of breeding birds in Ontario. The conclusion of this project coincided with Rebecca, her husband and three children moving from their inner-city home to a rural property. The family shares their 23-acre property with a set of grandparents.

Rebecca finds that being responsible for a piece of land has narrowed her focus on environmental stewardship. She believes that restoring the land to its healthy, sustainable state will increase its resilience, and in turn, the resilience of the people who depend upon it. When designing projects or planning new ventures for their budding farm, all decisions are weighed to gauge their contribution to sustainability.

Current Projects: Rebecca and her family are steadily increasing their self-sufficiency. Currently, she tends to multiple vegetable gardens, cares for a backyard flock of laying hens, and recently started a permaculture orchard. The arrival of new chicks jump-started another level of chicken-keeping with the construction of a chicken tractor. A roadside farm stand is in the works too.

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