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Randy Haviland, Wildlife Biologist and Hunting Educator

Place of Residence: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Background: Randy Havilland is a wildlife biologist from British Columbia, Canada, as a hunter he has extreme passion for the wilderness and the wildlife that call it home. As concerns about the food we eat became more evident, his passion moved in a direction of encouraging people to become more active in pursuing healthy food.

By teaching how hunting can provide the highest quality of food available, Randy encourages people to challenge their former notions of hunting and look at it not as simply killing, but the process required for supplying your family with top-quality food.

Randy is also a heavy advocate for conservation and the belief that when more people find value in a resource, the more important that resource becomes. Encouraging new hunters and providing a resource for new hunters and individuals looking to explore hunting has become a large part of his life.

Current Projects: Randy is currently working on hunter education, wilderness awareness, and a trail camera project documenting British Columbia’s wildlife.

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