Pamela Sherman, Rocky Mountain Gardener

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Pamela Sherman, Rocky Mountain Gardener

Occupation: Community Permaculture and Environmental Educator

Residence: Colorado Front Range mountains

Background: Pam lives, writes, gardens with her husband in a fiercely windy, draw at 8,300 feet in the Colorado Rockies on part of a farm homesteaded by pioneers in 1870. They almost feel like old hands now with wildfires and flooding.

Pam has a BA from Cornell, two MA degrees, certifications in Permaculture from Midwest Permaculture and Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance Teacher Training and Applied Agroecology from MESA (Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture).

She co-coordinates the InterMountain Alliance, a “mountain communities helping communities” network active during fire, flood, and other potentially life-threatening mountain living situations.

Current projects: Pamela’s work focuses on helping children and their adults (family, teachers, neighbors, friends) form lasting relationships with the natural world and be responsible and enthusiastic stewards. She includes children in the permaculture design and build process and teaches K-12 ecosystem-based environmental education for formal and informal educators.

Other Fun Facts: She’s an emergency ham radio operator and facilitates Conversation Cafe and Council, modalities which help people connect when connection seems least likely.

Connect with Pamela: pamsher123 [at] gmail [dot]com

Photo by Ania Poisson