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Michael Perry and Schikoy Rayn, Permaculture Nursery Owners and Homestead Skills Educators



Michael Perry and Schikoy Rayn

Occupation: Homesteaders, Plant Propagation Enthusiasts, Herbalists, and Food Foragers

Residence: Green Mountains of Vermont

Background: Michael and Schikoy are dwelling currently in a yurt, homesteading and living a life of simplicity. They grow the bulk of their food and preserve it for winter use. They heat and cook with wood, live without running water, and use a minimal amount of electricity. Michael and Schikoy are currently studying herbalism and natural medicines, the way Schikoy’s Native American ancestors have practiced for millennia

Michael and Schikoy are firmly rooted in the ways of the Earth. They think that every human has a deep connection to their shared home. They have a deep connection and passion for the land that surrounds them — as well as all the lands of the Earth — and they feel it is their duty to help heal the Earth and recover this sacred bond for all humans.

Current Projects: Michael and Schikoy own and operate a small-scale, low-tech perennial nursery focusing primarily on medicinal and edible species. They utilize principles of permaculture in their practices operating Sacred Circle Homestead.
Michael and Schikoy also are teaching workshops and classes locally about topics such as homesteading, food preservation, organic gardening and low-tech permaculture skills. They also host workshops aiding groups or individuals to reestablish their connection to the Earth and all of its beings. Michael and Schikoy also collaborate with The Trillium Center, a healing center based in Burlington, VT, where they teach classes and workshops to a wide audience of folks.

Connect with Michael and Schikoy at Sacred Circle Homestead, where you can find info on their workshops and classes.
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