Meredith Sayles Hughes, Cofounder of The FOOD Museum

Name: Meredith Sayles HughesMeredith Sayles Hughes Food Historian


Occupation: writer, presenter, editor, exhibit creator


Place of Residence: Albuquerque, New Mexico


Background and Personal History: Meredith Sayles Hughes is a cofounder of The Potato Museum and its offshoot, The FOOD Museum.


Meredith has worked on three major exhibitions about food, including Seeds of Change, for the Smithsonian, and The Amazing Potato for the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, Ontario. Her latest exhibition, Spuds Unearthed!, was with the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, DC in 2010.


Meredith and her husband and partner in foodishness, Tom, also lecture and create and present educational programming, teacher training workshops, and events built around food history. They have done several summer projects with gifted native American children.


The author of several books about food, Meredith’s most recent book, with Tom Hughes, is Gastronomie! Food Museums and Heritage Sites of France, published by Bunker Hill. It’s a guide to the food-related museums/sites/and shrines of France, the mother country of the food-preoccupied.


Meredith oversees, and blogs at these offshoots of The Food


Museum:,, and more.


Current Projects: books; urban gardens; food pantries


Other Fun Facts: Meredith is in thrall to a Jack Russell Terrier, plays ukulele and piano, and is a Tampa Bay Rays fanatic


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