Maryann Robinson, Aquaponics Gardener

Name: Maryann RobinsonMaryann Robinson Aquaponics Gardener 

Occupation: Retail Store Manager

Place of Residence: Grafton, Mass.

Background and Personal History: Maryann Robinson has been an avid vegetable gardener all her life. Starting out as a child helping her father plant and maintain their small 15-by-30-foot garden. She enjoys growing all types of veggies (even those she won’t eat, such as super-hot peppers) but absolutely LOVES heirloom tomatoes. She manages a specialty garden shop in Sutton, Mass., called Worm’s Way and has been with the company for 11 years. This garden shop does not sell plants, but instead specializes in organic fertilizers, hydroponics and indoor garden lighting.

Since starting with Worm’s Way, Maryann has been growing her vegetables year-round indoors in both soil containers and hydroponic systems. Maryann enjoys introducing people to the joy of organic gardening and the wonder of hydroponics (gardening without soil). She also has an affinity for tropical hibiscus, citrus trees and any other rare or unusual plant that’s not commonly found in New England. Her most recent hobby is aquaponic gardening, which incorporates growing plants and fish together in one symbiotic system. All in all, she’s basically a plant geek.

Current Projects:  Maryann is establishing a small aquaponic setup using a tropical fish aquarium growing spoon mustard and many hydroponic systems growing different types of veggies and sometimes flowers.

Other Fun Facts:  Maryann has a cat named Jinkies and maintains a salt water aquarium at home.

More Places to Find Maryann on the Web:  Maryann's company website is and she can also be found on the Worm’s Way Facebook page.