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Lyndsay Dawson Mynatt, Wilderness Retreat Director

Name: Lyndsay Dawson Mynatt

Occupation: Writer & Homesteader

Background:  Lyndsay grew up in the rolling hillsides of northeast Tennessee where her family operated a small-scale dairy farm as well as a 3rd-generation sawmill business. Her family’s connection to the land inspired a reverence for the provisions of the ecosystem and a natural awe for the nooks and crannies to be discovered in the outdoors.

Lyndsay completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Sociology at the University of Tennessee, with a focus on faith as a basis for environmental stewardship. In 2010, Lyndsay & her husband, Jordan, relocated to Leavenworth, Washington, where she served seven years as the Program Director at an adventure wilderness ministry. Jordan and Lyndsay have embarked on a few adventures in the last few years, including: converting a Sprinter van into a full scale studio apartment on wheels, traveling around the world, flipping houses and recently buying property to develop a small homestead.

Fun fact: Lyndsay & Jordan spent their honeymoon on a 5-month thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail

Current Projects: Building a cabin & developing a homestead, Writing an adventure novel, Working toward financial independence and early retirement

Publications:Build a DIY Cider Pressin the 2015 September/October issue of GRIT and5-Minute, 5-Ingredient Mayonnaisein the 2015 Best of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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