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Luke Maguire Armstrong, Charitable Travel-Writing Troubadour

Name: Luke Maguire Armstrong

Occupation: Troubadour

Place of Residence: Guatemala, New York City, and On the Road 

Background and Personal History: When he’s not traveling or getting mauled by rodents in the jungle, Luke Maguire Armstrong  ( spends his time being rejected by girls in bars in Antigua, Guatemala. After taking the wrong lesson from Into The Wild, he took out a student loan and planned to hitchhike from Chile to Alaska. He stopped in Guatemala, where he spent four years directing Nuestros Ahijados’ health and education programs.

Luke has worked in development everywhere from Guatemala, to Kenya, Uganda, and the Bronx. He lectures on topics ranging from human trafficking, economics, philosophy, creative writing, and international affairs. 

He is the author of the intrepidly acclaimed travel anthology The Nomad’s Nomad.  Follow him @LukeSpartacus and he will sing you songs.

Current Projects: Luke annually raises funds and designs programming for the charity the Integral Heart Foundation called “Travel Bloggers without Boarders.”

He works with orphans in Uganda at the Pheonix Orphanage in Zigoti, Uganda.

He founded Mariachi or Muerte, Guatemala’s first-ever mariachi battle of the bands, which takes place in Hobbitonango, an eco-lodge outside of Antigua, Guatemala, where he is the proud owner of an Earthship hobbit house.

Other Fun Facts: Luke’s work to battle infant malnutrition in Guatemala led to him being interviewed by Christiane Amanpour and was featured on ABC News 20/20’s Global Health Special.

More Places to Find Luke on the Web: 

Check out his book “The Nomad’s Nomad