Lori Osterloh-Hagaman, 'Herbchick' Natural Health Consultant

Name: Lori Osterloh-HagamanLori Osterloh Hagaman

Occupation: Natural Health Consultant, writer

Place of Residence: Minster, Ohio

Background and Personal History: After a car accident in high school, Lori began a huge laundry list of ailments. These frequent periods of illness caused a lot of absences from school and work. After her family doctor sent her out of his office, telling Lori’s mother to look for alternatives, Lori came into contact with herbs and supplements on a personal level. It changed her life and led her on the path she now travels.

Lori has an Associates of Science degree from Edison State Community College, and a Bachelor of Science from the Ohio State University’s College of Arts and Sciences in biology and psychology. She’s devoted much time to “alternative” training in the use of herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, alternative analysis techniques, and more.

Many of her friends have taken to calling Lori the “herbchick.” So, she has come to embrace the title and named her consultant-based business after the nickname.

Current Projects: Lori is sole proprietor of Herbchick’s Naturals & Notions, and she is a contributor at Examiner.com.

Other Fun Facts: Lori has four sons. She grew up on what is now a certified organic dairy farm, currently run by her oldest brother. She has volunteered as a Tiger Cub leader and a 4-H advisor. Lori received an FFA State Degree when she was in high school.

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