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Lidia Epp, Molecular Biologist and Advocate Against Biosolids

Name: Lidia Epp

Occupation: Molecular biologist

Place of Residence: New Kent, Virginia

Background and Personal History: Lidia, a Polish native, immigrated to the United States in the mid 1980s. For several years, she worked as a marine biologist in an aquaculture pathology lab at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. She later moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where she met her husband, Bob.

Bob’s profession as an airline pilot brought them both to Virginia in 2000 where they settled in the countryside on a 6-acre hobby farm. Lidia’s professional career in Virginia started at the Medical College of Virginia where she worked as a research biologist at the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory. Currently, Lidia manages the Molecular Core Lab in the Biology Department of College of William and Mary in Williamsburg.

Current Projects: Lidia is active with a local group of residents concerned about the agricultural application of biosolids, a dangerous practice that devastates farmland. She voiced her opposition during state legislative sessions, public hearings and City Hall meetings. She corroborates with local activists, politicians and scientists to bring public awareness to this issue and advocates for changes in state and federal regulations of biosolids land use.

Other Fun Facts: Lidia and her husband love sailing the Cheasapeake Bay on their sailboat, a sloop called “Aurora.” During summers, they devote as much time as they can to spend a few days under the sail. They are also avid gardeners — a sizable organic garden and a greenhouse keeps them both quite busy.  Lidia helps with local dog rescue; living in a prime deer hunting area – they own two formerly abandoned hunting dogs, currently known as couch potatoes.

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