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Liam Kivirist, Green Technology Writer and Outdoors Enthusiast

Name: Liam Kivirist

Occupation: freelance technology writer

Place of Residence: Browntown, Wisconsin

Background: Liam Kivirist is a tech writer, computer hardware geek, fledgling programmer and freelance web developer. Based on a small organic farm in rural southwestern Wisconsin, Liam marries his deeply rooted love of the outdoors, food, and camping with his passion for technology.

While he has written for highly technical magazines on innovation topics, Liam sees the possibilities that technologies like drones, biomass campstoves, kitchen gadgets, the Internet of Things (IoT), and solar-powered devices can have on boosting self reliance, sustainability, and emergency preparedness.

To stay up to date on Liam’s exploits and articles, follow him on Twitter and at his website Whether you’re technically inclined or looking to learn, Liam Kivirist’s is the place to plug into the cutting edge of technology with articles spanning topics from audio hardware to virtual reality.