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Laura Poe, Registered Dietitian and Traditional Foods Instructor

Place of Residence: Viroqua, Wis.

Background and Personal History: Originally from Kansas City, Mo., Laura moved all over the U.S. before she finally figured out that she is a country girl at heart, and settled down on her homestead in the Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin with her husband.

Laura is a private practice dietitian, focusing on individualized healing and adding in traditional, whole foods, with emphases on digestion and mental health. She is a blogger, writer, and speaker on health and traditional cooking techniques, such as fermentation and cooking with organ meats.

If you can ferment it, Laura will try to do it. She also coaches functional movement classes and loves to be out in nature as much as possible, including canoeing and hiking. When not cooking, eating, or talking about food, Laura also enjoys stand-up comedy, learning German, and drinking wine (not all together).

Current Projects: Laura is a contributing author for Edible Madison, with her column “Digging In.” She also teaches classes and workshops regularly on food and health; her upcoming class schedule can be found on her website,

Connect with Laura at Laura Poe, RD, for private practice appointments (distance consults available), upcoming classes, newsletter subscriptions, and more information. Lots of delicious, nutrient-dense recipes can be found on Laura’s blog, Brine & Broth, and you can see what she has been cooking and creating on her Instagram @brineandbroth.


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