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Kurt Jacobson, Chef, Food Writer and World Traveler

Name: Kurt Jacobson

Occupation: Travel writer, chef, food writer, blogger and seeker of adventure.

Place of Residence: Perry Hall, Maryland

Background: Kurt has been a chef for 20 years and worked occasionally as a freelancer. He was schooled in the U.S. Coast Guard and afterward, he trained in many restaurants under both kind and maniac chefs.

Kurt turned healthy after being overweight by 45 pounds and having high cholesterol that forced a change in diet. He has been healthy and thin for more than 20 years, eating mainly a plant-based diet supplemented by seafood and poultry.

Current Projects and Interests: Kurt is starting his fourth year of container and raised-bed organic gardening.  He is volunteering at Wilbur’s Farm up the road in Kingsville to learn real organic gardening and traveling the world in search of fun, food and adventure and writing about it.

Best recent food memory: Cooking for Joel Salatin’s family and crew of Polyface Farms.

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